3T Parallel Inverter Hydraulic Pouring Induction Melting Furnace Cast Iron Factory Price

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3T Parallel Inverter Hydraulic Pouring Induction Melting Furnace Cast Iron Factory Price
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Condition: New
Type: Induction Furnace
Usage: Melting Furnace
Video Outgoing-inspection: Provided
Machinery Test Report: Not Available
Marketing Type: Ordinary Product
Warranty Of Core Components: 1 Year
Core Components: Thyristor, Capacitor
Voltage: 950V
Dimension(L*W*H): 1050mm*1050m*2100mm
Weight (T): 25 T
Power (kW): 2000
Warranty: 12 Months
Key Selling Points: Long Service Life
Applicable Industries: Manufacturing Plant
Showroom Location: Egypt, Indonesia, Thailand, Uzbekistan
After-sales Service Provided: Engineers Available To Service Machinery Overseas
Melting Material: Ferrous Metals And Other Metals
Application: Melting
Max Temperature: 1750 Centigrade
Rated Frequency: 500HZ
Output: 3T/H
Power: Electricity
Rated Capacity: 0.15T-40T
Furnace Body: Two
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Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Packaging: Container packaging or as customers's request. Wooden case dimensions according to the specific product. Because of unit plant will be heavy,A wooden case contains one plant.
Supply Ability: 300 Set/Sets per Year
Product Description
Products Description

Open type steel shell furnace

It includes: steel shell furnace body, furnace frame, furnace cover, tilting furnace oil cylinder, dust cover with furnace cover and its hydraulic overturn cylinder, induction coil, yoke, high-pressure carbon-free rubber pipe, furnace mouth and bottom pouring fixed material, a complete set of stainless steel water inlet distributor, backwater collector and clamp, etc., including wall-mounted water inlet and outlet. The cylinder is designed to make hydraulic oil hydraulic medium. All hydraulic seals are suitable for hydraulic fluids.
Open steel frame structure, easy for routine maintenance, maintenance, large size H-beam, or square steel pipes constitute the basic structure of the furnace frame, the overall structure is simple, strong, the maximum inclination of 95 degrees.
The refractory on the surface of the platform can protect the furnace and the furnace platform will not be deformed.
Welded steel structure, equipped with appropriate support and clamping parts to fix induction furnace coil and yoke; induction furnace upper end parts can be removed, the replacement of coil more convenient.
Pillars - both sides of the load section steel components, become the furnace's most solid support, providing a hydraulic tilt axis, and the axis moved out, up. Ensure minimum tapping trajectory and reduce energy loss of tapping.
Induction copper coil
It is assembled from solid, durable and highly conductive T2 copper tube. The copper tube is Chinalco Luoyang Copper Co., Ltd
brand product. The water-cooled coil and the effective coil are integrally formed by a copper tube without segmentation. The two
adjacent copper tubes of the induction coil are strictly insulated and adopt advanced segmentation technology. An insulating sheet
is implanted between adjacent induction coils. After the insulating varnish is sprayed, it becomes a complete structure, and is
pressed by the upper and lower steel structures in the furnace body, and the overall structure is firm and has no deformation
problem. The coil turns are appropriate to achieve maximum electrical efficiency. The coil is supplied with cooling water from a
plurality of water paths and evenly distributed. The outside of the coil tightly wound with an insulating material. The inter-turn
arc-shaped insulating spacers ensure uniform coil spacing and facilitate moisture removal.
It adopts South Korea's Pohang, or WISCO, Baosteel's silicon steel sheet. Uniformly applied to the brace bolts and provide maximum
pressure to the coil to ensure a long working life of the lining. The yoke is made of high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel
sheet. The tolerance of the shearing edge of the silicon steel sheet after processing <±0.1mm. The bending degree after assembly
meets the requirements of TB/T4280-93 to ensure the coil and the yoke arc shape. Contact, precision fit. At the same time,
multiple sets of yoke fastening devices are firm and reliable, easy to assemble, disassemble, adjust and repair, and evenly
distributed along the circumference; the liner between the yoke and the coil is made of multi-layer high-quality insulation
material, including multi-layer mica board, multi-layer Ceramic fiberboard. The yoke don't need cooled by water.
Formed insulation panels and shorting rings are placed on the top and bottom of the furnace. The composite leak-proof probe is safe and reliable. When metal liquid invades or is about to penetrate the refractory material and the coil, it automatically cuts off the power and alarms. The composite leak proof probe is an important part of the overall leak protection system. At the same time, it also ensures that the molten iron is grounded to ensure the safety of the operator. The bottom structure satisfies the requirement of removing the furnace lining by using the lining pushing mechanism. Easy to install and easy to operate.
Power supply units
single output intermediate frequency power supply, all devices are installed in closed cabinet. The incoming line power supply is 380V ,660V or 1000V. The frequency conversion power supply adopts the international advanced technical level control technology, all its components and components are all internationally renowned brands. In copper output, in close proximity to the position of the coil arrangement of the earthing switch. When to carry out maintenance on the furnace body part, the side of the stove body and the copper coil on the short circuit, to ensure the personal safety of the operator.
In the cabinet all thyristors and diodes for platform products. Including rectifier and inverter. The power cabinet is made of high strength cold rolled steel sheet, 2 mm thick. Open the door, you can easily access the rectifier and inverter parts. Domestic brands use copper and copper power cabinet, copper oxidized production specification. The layout of power supply cabinet is reasonable, easy to maintain, line running and wiring specification (with drawings). The maintenance personnel can easily access all the maintenance points. Inlet air switch protection system. a.The quick action full circuit breaker is installed on the front of the power supply and separates the 400V power supply line from the transformer and the power supply cabinet. Switch to delixis switch plant products. When a fault occurs, immediately trip to protect the power cabinet from further damage. It is operated by an electric operating mechanism and has a 400V coil that serves as an interlocking protection. b. With over-current protection, when the over-current occurs, it trips the protection action, cut off the power supply to the power supply cabinet. c. Isolation control room: A closed isolation control room is arranged on the upper part of the front door, which is equipped with the main control board, feedback board, control power and other control components, so that the signal of the main control board can be conveniently observed. The isolation control room does not require additional cooling. The main power electronic components of the power cabinet are water-cooled, and the temperature rise during the operation of the cabinet will not affect the isolation control room. At the same time, the selection of all electronic components on all electronic control circuit boards in the isolation control room is carried out according to the high temperature level. (basically all components on PCB are internationally famous brands).
Silicon controlled thyristor
Xadr Company WEIWEI Brand
Coil tube T2
Chinalco Luoyang Copper Co., Ltd
Copper bar T2
Chinalco Luoyang Copper Co., Ltd
Power cabinet main switch
Zhejiang ZHAOYU
1.Advanced electronic circuit control, with over-voltage, over-current, limiting pressure, current limiting, lack of phase, undervoltage, underwater pressure, phase sequence automatic identification, cooling water temperature alarm protection and many other protection features. Power factor automatic adjustment function. From the cold charge to the heating during the entire cycle regardless of how the furnace conditions change can be achieved, automatically maintain the power to the furnace, so that the maximum amount of molten metal per kilowatt, the shortest same power heating time, thus increasing the profits of manufacturers,increased work productivity.
2. Control line dedicated integrated box and high pressure area are fully isolated, keep the control room clean and cool. Greatly improve the control circuit board life and system reliability.
3.High-power converter devices preferred from international and domestic well-known manufacturers, and run at 50% of the rated capacity, so with 100% design safety factor, increasing the overall system reliability.
4.The equipment uses large air cooling copper, compared with the water-cooled copper, more energy for heating, increased efficiency, don't need maintenance. 5.Power start using zero voltage sweep start, no impact, in the state of no-load, heavy load, cold steel and other states can be reliable from the dynamic, stable and reliable, trouble-free for a long time and facilitate to maintenance.
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Product Paramenters
one set
2000KW(One set), 500HZ output power supply cabinet
Induction melting Furnace body with hydraulic tilting system
one set
Capacitor Assembly bank(Water cooling)
eight pieces
Water cooled cables
one set
Technical documents, drawings and operation manuals
one set
Necessary spare parts for power supply cabinet
The whole equipment finished full and completely covered by container to delivery. The equipment will fixed by our factory in container to prevent damaged by crash in the delivery process. Small capacity furnace packaged by Plywood Case or as customers' request.
After Sale Service
Installation and commissioning:
The user should first according to our foundation and plant layout to the foundation for the building, in accordance with the drawings and use the instructions to install the furnace and the power supply in place, water, circuit materials prepared completely. We dispatch engineers to guide equipment installation,and responsible for Commisioning, When training and installation just need pay wage to engineers.
Company Profile
Our factory is induction smelting furnace and heating furnace manufacturer since 1992, mainly engaged in Intermediate frequency electric furnace(heating equipment and smelting equipment). Capacity ranges from 0.15 ton to 30 ton. After almost 30 years development, the company upgraded to Henan Rongke Electrical Manufacturing CO., LTD. for opening a new era. Henan Rongke keep up with latest electric induction furnace technologies all the time, 20 minutes once molten with our highest efficiency and have the patent of three rectifier inverter induction stirring melting furnace for alloy casting. Except that Chinese domestic market,smelting equipment also exported overseas. Our factory have steel bars,copper pipe,cast iron and steel mold turn-key project experience in Africa,Southeast Asia and Middle East Area. The factory refers to and integrates the advantages of medium frequency induction heating equipment at home and abroad. Based on the principle of scientific structure, advanced technology, practical and reliable, and convenient maintenance, the 50-50000KW medium frequency constant power digital control intermediate frequency heating power supply is compared with ordinary lines. Obvious energy-saving effect and power saving can be about 15%. Since the small connection, the failure rate can be reduced to 10%, and the commissioning and maintenance is simple. Our factory is a professional development, design, manufacture of industrial electric furnace and industrial power equipment enterprises, with strong economic and technical strength, rich design and production experiences, thoughtful after-sales service, focusing on the development of induction furnace. Products are widely used in metallurgy, machinery, automobile, aviation, agricultural machinery, hardware and other industries. The company has strong technical strength, and has a group of experienced and innovative talents.
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